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Bernard J. McGuirk (born October 26, 1957) is the executive producer of the Imus in the Morning radio program. He was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York, where he also worked in his younger years as a taxicab driver. McGuirk has worked in radio and television since 1986 after he graduated from College of Mount Saint Vincent in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, New York in the Monroe Projects. According to the MSNBC website, McGuirk is married with two children and resides in Long Beach, New York. In addition to serving as the show's producer, McGuirk's role on air was that of antagonist to Don Imus, often referring to him as "a wrinkled-up old buzzard" or "scrotum face", while Imus referred to him as a "bald-headed stooge". McGuirk was also known for his humorous impersonations of notable celebrities, including Cardinal John Joseph O'Connor, Cardinal Edward Egan, C. Ray Nagin, Muhammad Ali, and Maya Angelou. While working at WFAN, he famously called in to other shows as "Antwan from the Bronx" and "Jamal from Jamaica." On the Imus in the Morning show, McGuirk was not known to shy away from saying whatever was on his mind, and always in a heavily accented "Brooklyn  ( Wikipedia article )


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College of Mount Saint Vincent

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