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Billy Two Rivers (Mohawk name Kaientaronkwen), born May 5, 1935, is a retired Canadian professional wrestler. He began wrestling professionally in 1953 and competed until 1977. During his career, he wrestled in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada. After retiring from wrestling, he became a leader of the Mohawk nation on the Kahnawake reservation. He played a major role in blockading the Honoré Mercier Bridge during the 1990 Oka Crisis. He has also appeared in several movies. Two Rivers was trained by Don Eagle, a former World Heavyweight Champion in the Boston-based American Wrestling Association. When Don Eagle, also from Kahnawake, returned to the reservation to take a break from wrestling, he met Two Rivers and agreed to take him to Columbus, Ohio for training. The training lasted for two years, during which time Two Rivers increased his weight to 205 pounds while learning how to wrestle. Two Rivers made his professional debut in February 1953 in Detroit, Michigan. He spent the next several years competing in the United States, first in Ohio and then throughout the Atlantic Coast. He competed against such wrestlers as "Wild Bull" Curry and Larry Hamilton. He  ( Wikipedia article )


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Kahnawake 14


Year Performance Character
1995 Pocahontas: The Legend
1991 Black Robe

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