Bob Sadino

Bob Sadino (born on March 9, 1939) is a successful businessman from Indonesia who does business in livestock. He is one the successful Indonesian businessman who proposes the idea of entrepreneurship. In his era, only few people did businesses through risk and initiative in Indonesia. Sadino, the CEO of Kem Chicks, Kem Foods, and Kem Farms, started his business by selling domestic chicken eggs door to door. At that time, domestic chicken eggs were not popular in Indonesia, thus his goods were purchased only by expatriates, who lived in Kemang (an area in Indonesia), as well as few people in Indonesia who had lived abroad before. Over time, the domestic chicken eggs began to be popular so that Sadino's business grew significantly. Sadino then expanded his business by selling chicken meat. He released two books containing his unique view of doing business. People admire his unique view which he calls "Stupid Learning", that we do not need to be smart to start doing business, instead we can use our dullness to start doing business.

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March 3rd, 1939
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