Bobby Ray Baldock

Bobby Ray Baldock (born 1936) is a United States federal judge. Baldock was born in Rocky, Oklahoma. He graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in 1956. He received a J.D. from the University of Arizona College of Law in 1960. He was a Captain, Adjutant General Staff, New Mexico National Guard from 1960 to 1970. He was in private practice in Roswell, New Mexico from 1960 to 1983. He was an adjunct professor at Eastern New Mexico University's Roswell Campus from 1962 to 1981. Baldock was a federal judge on the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico. Baldock was nominated by President Ronald Reagan on May 2, 1983, to a seat vacated by Edwin L. Mechem. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 6, 1983, and received his commission on June 7, 1983. Baldock's service was terminated on January 24, 1986, due to appointment to another judicial position. Baldock is currently a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Baldock was nominated by Ronald Reagan on October 7, 1985, to a seat vacated by Oliver Seth.

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1. James E. Rogers College of Law Colleges/University

James E. Rogers College of Law is the law school at the University of Arizona located in Tucson, Arizona and was the first law school founded in the State of Arizona, opening its doors in 1915. Formerly known as University of Arizona College of Law, it was renamed in 1999 in honor of noted broadcasting mogul and philanthropist James E. Rogers, a 1962 graduate of the school, and chairman of Sunbelt Communications Company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1201 E. Speedway, 85721 - Tucson, Arizona
Local tuition
2010. 23.5 K $
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b. 1935., Judge
b. 1953., Judge
b. 1944., Judge
b. 1923., U.S. Congressperson
b. 1942., U.S. Congressperson
b. 1947., Lawyer
b. 1942., Judge
b. 1942., Judge

2. New Mexico Military Institute High school

New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) is a state-supported educational institution located in Roswell, New Mexico, United States. It is sometimes referred to as the "West Point of the West", and it is the only state-supported military college located in the western United States. NMMI includes a college preparatory four-year high school and a two-year junior college. Founded in 1891 by Joseph C. Lea, who selected Col. Robert S. Goss as the Superintendent for the Goss Military Institute (which was later renamed NMMI), its architecture and organization is inspired by Virginia Military Institute, and is one of six Military Junior Colleges in the United States.

Type Junior college
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September 3rd, 1891
101 W. College Blvd., 88201 - Roswell, New Mexico
2010. 480
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2010. 42.0 %
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2011. 3.67 K
2010. 3.18 K $
2009. 3.02 K $
2008. 3.02 K $
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b. 1934., Journalist
b. 1936., Writer
b. 1933., Politician
b. 1937., American Football End
b. 1968., Actor
b. 1942., American Football Quarterback
b. 1984., American Football Cornerback
b. 1967., Politician


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