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Bodybuilder from China

Bolo Yeung Yang Sze (simplified Chinese: 杨斯; traditional Chinese: 楊斯; Mandarin Pinyin: Yáng Sī; Jyutping: Yeung4 Si1; born July 3, 1946 in Guangzhou), better known as Bolo Yeung, is a former competitive bodybuilder and a martial arts film actor. Primarily cast as the villain in the movies he stars in, he is best known for his performances as Bolo in Enter the Dragon and as Chong Li in Bloodsport, and also for his many appearances in martial arts B-movies. Bolo began his martial arts training at the age of 10 in Guangzhou, China, where he studied under several kung fu masters. Growing up he took an interest in bodybuilding. Later he became Mr. Hong Kong bodybuilding champion. He held the title for ten years. Because of his impressively muscular physique he was chosen for several bad guy roles in films produced by Shaw Brothers Studios such as The Heroic Ones, The Deadly Duo, Angry Guest and others. He left Shaw Brothers in 1971. Bolo met Bruce Lee while the two were filming a Winston cigarettes commercial. A friendship emerged and Bruce invited him to star in Enter the Dragon, where he became known as Bolo. They were really close friends and during the filming of Enter the Dragon, Bruce and  ( Wikipedia article )


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Known as
Sze Yang,Yeung Tze,Yang Szu,杨斯,Yang See,Yung Sze,Chinese Hercules,Yang Sze,Beast from the East,Yang Si,楊斯,Yáng Sī,Young Zee,Bolo,Yeung4 Si1,'Bolo' Yang Tse,Yang Tse,The Beast from the East,Jyutping,Bolo Young,Yeung See,Bolo Yung,Yang Tze,Yeung Sze,The Chi
Date of birth
Place of birth
Danny Yeung David Yeung Debbra Yeung
Actor, Bodybuilder


Year Performance Character
2002 Wu Tang Clan Presents: Fearless Master
1993 Shootfighter: Fight to the Death Shingo
1992 Tiger Claws Chong
1991 Breathing Fire Thunder
1991 Fearless Tiger Master on Mountain
1986 Legacy of Rage Thug
1986 Thunder Kick
1982 Ninja Strikes Back
1981 The Clones of Bruce Lee Martial Arts trainer
1980 The Fist, the Kicks and the Evils Master Lung
1978 Crash Masters: The Dragon, the Hero
1978 The Image of Bruce Lee Kimura
1978 Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge Bull
1978 Kung Fu of Tai Kwan Do
1974 Amsterdam Connection Big Louie
1974 Soul of Bruce Lee Nepal
1973 Enter the Dragon Bolo

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