Bande Ali Mia Writer

Bande Ali Miah (December 15, 1906 - June 17, 1979) was born in Radhanagar, Pabna. He was a poet, novelist and child literate as well as a journalist. He edited Palli Parag, Shishu Barshiki, Ganer Alo etc. He depicted the natural beauty of the village of Bangladesh with great expertise. He was written a number of books such as, Moinamotis Char, Anurag, Chor Jamai, Mrigopuri, Diane Bou, Rupkotha, Kuchboron Konnya etc. He laurated: Bangla Academi Prize, President Prize etc. He died in Rajshahi.

Personal details

Date of birth
January 17th, 1906
Place of birth
Date of death
June 17th, 1979 at age of 73
Place of death


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