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Boris Mikhailovich Lavrenko (Russian: Бори́с Миха́йлович Лавре́нко; May 6, 1920, Rostov on Don, Soviet Russia – June 7, 2001, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation) was a Russian Soviet realist painter, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, professor of the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin, who lived and worked in Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad), regarded as one of the major representatives of the Leningrad school of painting. Boris Mikhailovich Lavrenko was born May 6, 1920, in the city of Rostov on Don, Soviet Russia. In 1936–1940 years Boris Lavrenko studied at the Rostov on Don Art School. In Autumn of 1940, he was drafted into the Red Army. Boris Lavrenko was a veteran of World War II. As an artilleryman, he went all the way from Moscow to Berlin. His front-line drawings, sketches, portraits are interesting as a documentary and truth. After demobilization in 1946, Boris Lavrenko entered at the first course of the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin. There he studied under Mikhail Avilov, Ivan Stepashkin, Genrikh Pavlovsky, Joseph Serebriany.

Personal details

Date of birth
May 6th, 1920
Place of birth
Date of death
2001 at age of 80
Place of death
Saint Petersburg, Russia


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The Russian Academy of Arts, informally known as the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, was founded in 1757 by Ivan Shuvalov under the name Academy of the Three Noblest Arts. Catherine the Great renamed it the Imperial Academy of Arts and commissioned a new building, completed 25 years later in 1789 by the Neva River. The academy promoted the neoclassical style and technique, and sent its promising students to European capitals for further study. Training at the academy was virtually required for artists to make successful careers.

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634003 - Saint Petersburg
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born 1918

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