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Branden Steineckert (born April 21, 1978), is the drummer for the punk rock band Rancid. He was previously the drummer of The Used, but it was announced on September 12, 2006 that he was no longer a part of the band. Branden was born in Pocatello, Idaho and was raised in a Mormon family which moved more than twenty times during his youth. He picked up skateboarding at an early age due to the fact his friends skated. When Branden was 11 years old, his father, Neil Steineckert, committed suicide, so he picked up drumming as a way to release his anger and to relieve him of his troubles. Branden learned to play the drums because his late father had played drums at around his age. He was a founding member of Strange Itch, a band that would later become The Used, and would go on to achieve success, earning a platinum album. On November 3, 2006, it was announced that Branden would be playing drums for Rancid until the end of their tour. He replaced their drummer of 15 years, Brett Reed. On the tour, Rancid members stated that Branden would be a permanent addition to the band (also noted on the official Used fansite).

Personal details

Date of birth
April 21st, 1978
Place of birth
Pocatello, Idaho, United States of America
United States of America
Places lived
Pocatello , Idaho
pop. 54,350 (2013)

Musical acts

1.The Used Screamo, Punk rock, Alternative metal, Hard rock, Emo, Pop punk, Heavy metal, Post-hardcore, Rock music, Alternative rock

2001 - 2006

The Used is an American rock band from Orem, Utah, that formed in 2001. The group consists of lead vocalist and keyboardist Bert McCracken, guitarist Quinn Allman, bassist Jeph Howard, and drummer Dan Whitesides who replaced founding member Branden Steineckert in 2006. The group signed to Reprise Records and rose to fame in June 2002 after releasing their self-titled debut album. They followed up with their second album, In Love and Death, in September 2004 and their third album, Lies for the Liars, in May 2007. Shallow Believer, an EP that featured most of the band's B-sides, was released in February 2008. They spent 2008 working on their fourth studio album, Artwork, which was released in August 2009. A fifth album, titled Vulnerable, was released in March 2012 through the independent label Hopeless Records. In summer 2013 they released another EP titled The Ocean of the Sky. Their sixth album, Imaginary Enemy, released in April 2014. Albums by The Used have achieved gold and platinum statuses in many countries worldwide. In 2008, the band has sold more than 3 million records worldwide.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Backing Vocals, Guitar 2001
Piano, Lead Vocals, Keyboard 2001
Backing Vocals, Bass guitar 2001
Drums, Percussion 2001 September 12th, 2006
Percussion, Drums 2006


Album title Released Type
The Used 2002 Studio album
In Love and Death 2004 Studio album
Lies for the Liars 2007 Studio album
Artwork 2009 Studio album

Official website

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2.Rancid Ska punk, Hardcore punk, Skate punk, Punk rock, Alternative rock, Rock music, Street punk, Pop punk

2006 -

Rancid is an American punk rock band formed in Berkeley, California, in 1991. Founded by 80s punk veterans Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, who previously played in the highly influential ska punk band Operation Ivy, Rancid is credited—along with Green Day, The Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX, and Social Distortion—for reviving mainstream interest in punk rock in the United States during the mid-1990s. Unlike many of their contemporaries, however, Rancid remained signed to an independent record label and retained much of its original fan-base, most of which was connected to its underground roots. Rancid includes Tim Armstrong on guitar and vocals, Freeman on bass and vocals, Lars Frederiksen on guitar and vocals, and Branden Steineckert on drums. The band was formed by Armstrong, Freeman, and former drummer Brett Reed, who left the band in 2006 and was replaced by Steineckert. Frederiksen joined Rancid in 1993 when the band was searching for a second guitar player. To date, Rancid has released seven studio albums, one split album, one compilation, two extended plays, and a series of live online-only albums, and has been featured on a number of compilation albums.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Bass guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals 1991
Drums, Percussion 1991 November 3rd, 2006
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Lead guitar 1991
Lead Vocals, Lead guitar, Vocals, Guitar 1993
Percussion, Drums November 3rd, 2006


Album title Released Type
Rancid 1993 Studio album
Let's Go 1994 Studio album
…and Out Come the Wolves 1995 Studio album
Life Won't Wait 1998 Studio album
BYO Split Series Volume III 2002 Studio album
Indestructible 2003 Studio album
Let the Dominoes Fall 2009 Studio album


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