Bronislava Poskrebysheva Physician

Bronislava Solomonovna Metallikova - Poskrebysheva (Russian: Бронислава Соломоновна Металликова-Поскрёбышева, 1910–1941) was born in Proskurov (USSR). She was the wife of Alexander Poskrebyshev, Joseph Stalin's personal assistant for many years. Bronislava, a doctor-endocrinologist at the Research Institute of Endocrinology (Department of Health of Russian Federation), was of Jewish Lithuanian descent and previously married to a lawyer. She had two children, Galya by her first husband and Natalya by Alexander Poskrebyshev. In 1933 she and her brother, Professor Michael Metallikov, attended a scientific conference in Paris. There they met Leon Trotsky, to whom they were connected through marriage. This meeting with Trotsky was a reason for the arrest of Metallikov on July 8, 1937 and for his execution on March 31, 1939. (He was posthumously rehabilitated on March 7, 1956.) Bronislava, who at this time was pregnant with Natalya, was not arrested due to the intercession of her husband. In 1939, under pressure from her relatives, she visited Lavrentiy Beria alone to plead for the life of her arrested brother. This time, she was arrested. This time, her husband was unable to help.

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1941 at age of 31




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