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Brooke Baldwin is an American news anchor. She appears on the weekday edition of CNN Newsroom. Brooke Baldwin was born on July 12, 1979. She attended United States Space Camp at the age of 13 and served as commander of her mission there. The week, she said, "was incredibly cool." Baldwin graduated with a double bachelor's degree in journalism and Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also studied at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City during her undergraduate years. She started her career at WVIR-TV in Charlottesville, Virginia and later became the morning anchor at WOWK-TV in the Huntington and Charleston, West Virginia area. She later joined WTTG in Washington, DC as lead reporter for the 10pm newscast. Baldwin joined CNN and HLN networks in 2008. She was a contributor on Rick's List, hosted by Rick Sanchez, from the show's inception in January 2010. When Sanchez was fired in October 2010 for making what some believed were antisemitic remarks, Baldwin filled in for him, eventually taking the time slot permanently. She now anchors CNN Newsroom from 2 to 4pm ET on weekdays.

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Date of birth
July 12th, 1979


1. Universidad Iberoamericana Colleges/University

The Ibero-American University (in Spanish: Universidad Iberoamericana, abbreviated UIA but commonly known as Ibero) is a Mexican private institution of higher education sponsored by the Society of Jesus. Its flagship campus is located in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City but there are others located in Guadalajara, León, Torreón, Puebla and Playas de Tijuana.

Type Private university
Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma 880, Lomas de Santa Fe, Mexico City
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Notable alumni by career
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People attended Universidad Iberoamericana connected by profession and/or age

b. 1958., Journalist
b. 1963., Film Director
b. 1960., Architect
b. 1961., Politician
b. 1968., Diplomat
b. 1966., Politician
b. 1937., Architect
b. 1971., Architect

2. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Colleges/University

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (also known as UNC, UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, or simply Carolina) is a public research university located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States. First enrolling students in 1795, it is one of several schools to claim the title of the oldest public university in the United States. In recent years, the university has been among the highest ranked public universities in the United States.

Type Liberal arts college
2012. 2.16 bil. $
2010. 1.96 bil. $
2007. 45 mil. $
2005. 19.6 mil. $
Institution colors
December 11th, 1789
103 South Building, 27599 - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
2013. 18,370
2010. 18,579
2009. 17,905
2008. 17,628
2013. 10,757
2011. 8,190
2010. 10,811
2010. 10,811
2008. 8,177
Acceptance rate
2012. 27.6 %
2011. 31.3 %
2010. 34.0 %
Local tuition
2013. 8.34 K $
2011. 7.01 K $
2010. 6.67 K $
2009. 5.63 K $
2008. 5.4 K $
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People attended University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill connected by profession and/or age

b. 1974., Journalist
b. 1979., Journalist
b. 1952., Journalist
b. 1966., Journalist
b. 1971., Journalist
b. 1914., Journalist
b. 1934., Journalist
b. 1934., Journalist


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