Bruce Conde

Bruce Conde (aka Bruce Alsono Bourbon de Conde, aka Alfonso Yorba) (5 December 1913 – 19 July 1992) was a US Army officer, stamp collector, royal pretender, and a general for Royalist forces during the North Yemen Civil War. Born Bruce Chalmers in San Juan Capistrano, California, Chalmers was orphaned and put up for adoption. As a young boy, he was an avid stamp collector, and had written to the Imam (King) of Yemen, asking for local postage stamps for his collection. His reply came from the Imam's young son, Muhammad al-Badr, and thus started a life-long friendship between the two. After studying Spanish at UCLA, he joined the US Army, serving in the 82nd Airborne in North Africa during the Second World War. He was later posted to Japan where he studied Japanese, but his true passion remained the Arab world. Following his discharge from the army, he moved to Beirut to study Arabic with the assistance of the G.I. Bill. He changed his name to Conde, his grandmother's family name, and claimed to be descended from the French royal family, even though the House of Bourbon-Condé became extinct in 1830.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 5th, 1913
Date of death
July 19th, 1992 at age of 78


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