Buster Mottram

Tennis Player from United Kingdom

Christopher "Buster" Mottram (born 25 April 1955 in Kingston upon Thames) is a former English tennis player who achieved a highest lifetime ranking of fifteenth in the world. Mottram represented Great Britain in the Davis Cup eight times. His father, Tony Mottram, was a leading British tennis player in the 1950s. While Mottram was still playing professionally, he became well-known for his right-wing views. He expressed support for the National Front, supported the policies of Enoch Powell, and applied, unsuccessfully, for the Conservative parliamentary candidacy in several constituencies. He subsequently formed a songwriting partnership with the black entertainer Kenny Lynch. In November 2008, he was expelled from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) after attempting to broker an electoral pact with the British National Party. UKIP leader Nigel Farage called Mottram's offer "astonishing", declaring the party to be "non-racist".  ( Wikipedia article )


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