C. Liegh McInnis

C. Liegh McInnis (born 1969) is an author, activist and professor of English at Jackson State University. He has written a number of works and strongly supports African American heritage and tradition. He is the founder of, Psychedelic Literature, a publishing company promoting the African American voice in the state of Mississippi. He is an instructor of English at Jackson State University, the publisher and editor of Black Magnolias Literary Journal, and the author of seven books (self-published through the online print-on-demand publisher, Lulu.com) including four collections of poetry: Matters of Reality: Body, Mind, and Soul (1996), Confessions: Brainstorming from Midnite 'til Dawn (1998), Searchin' For Psychedelica (1999), and Da Black Book of Linguistic Liberation (2001), one collection of short fiction Scripts: Sketches and Tales of Urban Mississippi (1998), one collection of essays Prose: Essays and Letters (1999), and one work of literary criticism The Lyrics of Prince: A Literary Look at a Creative, Musical Poet, Philosopher, and Storyteller (1996), which has been re-released in its third edition (2007).

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