Caius Bruttius Praesens


Caius or Gaius Bruttius Praesens Lucius Fulvius Rusticus (68–140) was an important Roman senator of the reigns of Roman emperors Trajan, Hadrian and Antoninus Pius. A friend of Pliny the Younger and Hadrian, he was twice consul, governed provinces, commanded armies and ended his career as City Prefect of Rome. Bruttius’ life and career left few coherent traces in the literary record, but a number of inscriptions, including his complete cursus honorum, fills out the picture considerably. Pliny, writing to Praesens (Ep. VII.3) refers to him as a Lucanian and an inscription concerning his son has been found at Volceii in Lucania. His father was presumably Lucius Bruttius Maximus, who was Proconsul of Cyprus in 80 and his mother was a member of the Fulvii Rustici (see gens Fulvius), a senatorial family from Cisalpine Gaul. Praesens was born about 68 as can be inferred by the fact that in 88/89 he was a military tribune in Legio I Minervia, when he led a vexillation from Germania Inferior to Pannonia and earned decorations for service on the Danube in Roman emperor Domitian’s campaigns. Despite this early success his career was retarded thereafter. He served as quaestor in Hispania  ( Wikipedia article )


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