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Candace "Candy" Mossler née Candace Weatherby (1920-1976) was a socialite at the center of a sensational, highly-publicized murder trial in the 1960s. Candace Mossler and her nephew Melvin Lane Powers, with whom she was having an incestuous affair, were charged with the killing of Candy's millionaire husband, Jacques Mossler, in his Key Biscayne, Fla., condo on June 29, 1964. Candace Mossler and her husband were separated at the time of his murder. Jacques Mossler had considered suing Powers and divorcing his wife but, upon consultation with his lawyer, had decided against doing so in order to avoid the negative publicity and losing half of his fortune to Candace. At the time of her husband's murder, she was on a $5,000 a week stipend allocated for household upkeep. During initial interviews with police officers, Candace Mossler asserted that she believed her husband's death was a result of a burglary gone wrong. However, when the officers stated they believed the murder was a crime of passion, stating the fact that Jacques Mossler had been stabbed over thirty times before being bludgeoned over the head with a glass bowl, Candace changed her story, saying that she believed that her  ( Wikipedia article )


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