Captain Jacobs Tribal chief

Captain Jacobs (died September 8, 1756) was a Delaware (Lenape) chief during the French and Indian War. His real name was Tewea; he was called "Captain Jacobs" by a Pennsylvania settler who purchased land from him and thought he resembled another person by that name. He is best known as the Native American leader during the Kittanning Expedition in 1756. There is not a lot of background information about Jacobs, only that he was a great warrior of the Lenape, and was responsible for the multiple raids on English settlers after Braddock's defeat. On the morning of September 8, 1756, Colonel John Armstrong led a force of three-hundred Pennsylvanians to attack the village of Kittanning in hopes of disrupting the Native's grip on the settlers. Jacobs' superior Chief Shingas was away during the battle, so Jacobs took command and fought Armstrong's men from his cabin. He was eventually killed when his cabin (full of ammunition and gunpowder) exploded after being set ablaze by one of Armstrong's men. The raid was a success, but Armstrong lost more than thirty of his men at the battle.

Personal details

Date of death
September 8th, 1756


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