Carl Lange

Physician from Denmark

Carl Georg Lange (December 4, 1834 – 1900) was a Danish physician and psychologist. Summary "Carl Lange was the founding father of neurology in Denmark, authoring several pioneering works within this field; however, these remained largely unknown internationally as he did not have them translated into a major language. He became a pioneer of psychophysiology with his contribution to the so-called James-Lange theory of emotion. His treatise on ‘periodical depressions’, is not only an early historical landmark but also a masterly ‘modern’ description concerning the nosology and nosography of recurrent depressions. Moreover, it is a landmark in the early history of lithium therapy, sadly ignored by Lange’s contemporaries, but which little more than half a century later, with Cade’s rediscovery of lithium’s therapeutic effect in mood disorders in 1949, ushered in modern psychopharmacology." (Schioldann, 2001) Background Lange who was born into scientific elitest class in Vordingborg, Denmark, studied at University of Copenhagen (Graduated 1859 in medicine).(Amdisen, 1985; Lund, 1991; Schioldann, 2001, 2009; Snorrason, Here he picked up the skills to expertise in physiology,  ( Wikipedia article )


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Dr. Carl Lange
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Physician, Psychologist


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