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Carl Schlechter (2 March 1874 - 27 December 1918) was a leading Austrian chess master and theoretician at the turn of the 20th century. He is best known for drawing a World Chess Championship match with Emanuel Lasker. Schlechter was born into a Catholic family in Vienna. He is sometimes deemed to be Jewish, though others dispute this. He began playing chess at the age of 13. His first and only teacher was an Austria-Hungarian chess problemist, Dr. Samuel Gold. From 1893 onwards he played in over 50 international chess tournaments. He won or shared first at Munich 1900 (the 12th DSB Congress), Coburg 1904 (the 14th DSB Congress), Ostend 1906, Stockholm 1906, in the Vienna 1908 chess tournament, in the Prague 1908 chess tournament, in the Hamburg 1910 chess tournament (the 17th DSB Congress), and thrice in the Trebitsch Memorial in Vienna (1911, 1912, 1913). He played several matches; drew with Georg Marco (+0 -0 =10) in 1893, drew with Marco and Adolf Zinkl, both (+4 -4 =3) in 1894, drew with Dawid Janowski (+2 -2 =3) in 1896, drew with Simon Alapin (+1 -1 =4) in 1899, beat Janowski (+6 -1 =3) in 1902, drew with Richard Teichmann (+1 -1 =1) in 1904, and drew with Siegbert Tarrasch  ( Wikipedia article )


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