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Carlos Washington Lencinas (November 13, 1888 - November 10, 1929) was an Argentine politician. Carlos Washington Lencinas was born in Rivadavia Department, Mendoza, in 1888, to Fidela Peacock and José Néstor Lencinas. The elder Lencinas was a Mendoza Province lawmaker known for his tempestuous political rights advocacy. Carlos Lencinas enrolled at the National University of Córdoba, and upon earning a Law Degree, returned to Mendoza and joined his father as a local leader of the Radical Civic Union (UCR). He was elected to the Lower House of Congress alongside his father in 1916. His father's progressive social and economic policies endeared him to the then-agrarian province's sizable population of tenant farmers and peons, many of which were victims of debt bondage. They also made enemies of the province's landowing elite, however, as well as of the reformist President Hipólito Yrigoyen, who sought the latter group's support, and had Lencinas removed as governor in late 1919. His father's death in 1920 made Congressman Lencinas a staunch opponent of President Yrigoyen, though without leaving the UCR.

Personal details

Date of birth
November 13th, 1888
Date of death
November 10th, 1929 at age of 41




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The National University of Córdoba, Spanish: Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), is the oldest university in Argentina, and one of the oldest in the Americas. It is located in Córdoba, the capital of Córdoba Province. Since the early 20th century it has been the second largest university in the country (after the University of Buenos Aires) in terms of the number of students, faculty, and academic programs. As the location of the first university founded in the land that is now Argentina, Córdoba has earned the nickname La Docta (roughly translated, "The Wise").

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Governor of Mendoza


The Constitution of Mendoza Province, Argentina states that the executive power of the Province will be led by a citizen chosen as a Governor by the people for a four-year term, and not allowed to be re-elected for the immediately following term. Before it was constituted as a Province in 1920, Mendoza Province was known as the Province of Cuyo. Before 1813, it was part of Córdoba Province. The office of Governor came into existence when the independent Province was created. Since that time Mendoza Province has had almost a hundred Governors, as well as other types of officials in charge of the executive power. The office of the Governor of Mendoza is on the 4th floor of the Government House building, inside the Civic Center of the City of Mendoza. The Civic Center is a park with administrative buildings of the Executive and Judicial Powers and the Mendoza Province Federal Court. The office of the Governor is commonly known as The Seat of San Martín, since José de San Martín was one of the first Governors of the Province. This was the only executive office that San Martín ever held in the history of Argentina.


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