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Carmine "Charley Wagons" Fatico (January 19, 1910 East New York, Brooklyn-August 1, 1991) was a Caporegime in the New York Gambino crime family. Fatico is best known as an early mentor to Gambino boss John Gotti. Fatico was a short, slim man known more for his intelligence than his physical power. However, Fatico did not shrink from brutal violence when he deemed it necessary. Fatico quickly became a leading capo in the Gambino family due to his unfailing loyalty and obedience, and his tireless and innovative ability to earn money. Fatico's nickname "Charley Wagons" alluded to his penchant for hijacking transport trucks. Carmine Fatico had a brother, Daniel Fatico, who was his partner in all his rackets. Starting in the 1930s, Fatico's arrest record would eventually include grand larceny, bookmaking and felonious assault. In 1951, mobster Albert Anastasia took control of the Mangano crime family and placed Fatico in charge of all family operations in East New York. Around 1952, 12 year-old John Gotti started running errands for the mobsters at Fatico's East New York club house. After Anastasia's murder in 1957, Carlo Gambino took over what was now the Gambino crime family and kept  ( Wikipedia article )


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