Caroline Matilda of Great Britain

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Caroline Matilda of Great Britain Caroline Matilda of Great Britain (Danish: Caroline Mathilde) (11 July 1751 – 10 May 1775) was Queen of Denmark and Norway from 1766 to 1772 and a member of the British Royal Family. Caroline Matilda was the youngest child of Frederick, Prince of Wales and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. Her father died suddenly about three months before her birth. She was born at Leicester House in London, and was given the style and title HRH Princess Caroline Matilda, as daughter of the Prince of Wales, though, by the time of her birth, the title of Prince of Wales had passed to her brother George. Both of her names were used due to her aunt, Princess Caroline, being alive. The princess was christened ten days later, at the same house, by The Bishop of Norwich, Thomas Hayter. Her godparents were her brother The Prince of Wales, her paternal aunt The Princess Caroline and her sister Princess Augusta. She was brought up by her strict mother away from the English court and was described as natural and informal; she enjoyed out-doors life and riding. She could speak Italian, French and German, and was described as an accomplished singer with a beautiful voice. At the age of fifteen, Caroline  ( Wikipedia article )



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