Catherine Leroy Photographer

Catherine Leroy (1945 – 8 July 2006) was a French-born photojournalist and war photographer, whose stark images of battle illustrated the story of the Vietnam War in the pages of Life magazine and other publications. Catherine was brought up in a convent in Paris. She was moved by images of war she had seen in Paris Match, and decided she wanted to travel to Vietnam to "give war a human face." At the age of 21 booked a one way ticket to Laos in 1966, with just one Leica M2 and $100 in her pocket. On arrival in Saigon Leroy met the photographer Horst Faas, bureau chief of the Associated Press. A year later she became the first accredited journalist to participate in a combat parachute jump, joining the 173d Airborne Brigade in Operation Junction City. Two weeks after the battle for Hill 881, she was wounded with a Marine unit near the demilitarized zone. In 1968, during the Tet Offensive, Leroy was captured by the North Vietnamese Army. She managed to talk her way out and emerged as the first newsperson to take photos of North Vietnamese Army Regulars behind their own lines. The story made the cover of Life Magazine.

Personal details

Date of birth
Place of birth
Paris, France
France,United States of America
Date of death
July 8th, 2006 at age of 61
Place of death
Santa Monica, California, United States of America
Cause of death
Lung cancer
Places lived
Paris , France
pop. 2,243,833 (2010)


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