Charlene Corley

Charlene Corley is a former defense contractor who was convicted in 2007 on two counts of conspiracy. Over the course of nine years leading up to September 2006, the company owned by Corley and her sister was found to have received over 20 million dollars from the United States Department of Defense for fraudulent shipping costs; in one instance, the company was paid $998,798 for shipping two 19-cent washers. In 2009, Corley was sentenced to six years in prison and ordered to pay $15.5 million in restitution. Along with her twin sister Darlene Wooten, Corley was the co-owner of C&D Distributors, a supplier of small hardware components, plumbing fixtures and electronic equipment to the military. The company used a computerized government system that allowed shipping costs for each order to be submitted separately and automatically reimbursed. Using the system, C&D Distributors received payment from the Department of Defense on 112 fraudulent invoices, totaling 20.5 million dollars in illegitimate charges, for parts sent to priority military installations, including destinations in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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