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Charles E Brasher was a Canadian inventor, and maker of stringed instruments. His inventions include a novel cone for the resonator guitar, which he patented in Canada in 1935. (Canadian patent #349662). Charles E. Brasher was a metalworker who made resonator instruments in Toronto, Canada in the early to mid 1930's. He created and patented a resonator cone of his own design. When the patent was issued he was a chauffeur.(His patent application describes him as 'Chauffeur') He had impressed some wealthy Torontonian somehow, and the wealthy Torontonian used Ted as his full-time chauffeur for a few years. Later on, during the WWII time frame Ted worked for Research Enterprises, and then Inglis Home Appliances, as a machinist, tool and die maker, and lathe operator. It is thought that Charles only made the metalwork and that the necks and wooden bodies were made by other folk, for example I have seen an Aloha coverplate on a wooden Reliance body which had "J. E. BACKSTROM 257 BERKELEY S TORONTO." Stamped inside the body, i.e. it was stamped there before the wood was glued up.

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