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Chauncey Hugh Stigand (1877–1919) was a British army officer, colonial administrator and big game hunter. He was killed in action while attempting to suppress a rebellion of Aliab Dinka. Stigand was the son of William Stigand and Agnes Catherine Senior. His father was British vice-consul at Boulogne-sur-Mer when he was born there in 1877. He was educated at Radley and gazetted to the Royal West Kent Regiment in 1899. He served with them in Burma and British Somaliland, and then from 1901 in British East Africa with the King's African Rifles. He entered the Egyptian army in 1910 and was posted to the Upper White Nile, assuming control of the Lado Enclave from the Belgians in accordance with an agreement. He was placed in charge of the Kajo Kaji district. In 1915 Stigand was promoted to major. In 1916 he served in the campaign against 'Ali Dinar in Darfur. From 1917 to 1918 he was governor of the Upper Nile province. Stigand was appointed governor of Mongalla Province in 1919. He was killed by tribesmen of the Aliyab Dinka at Pap, between the Lau River and the White Nile. He married in 1913 Nancy Yulee Jeff of Washington, D.C., and had one child, Florida Yulee Agnes, born  ( Wikipedia article )


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