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Early Triumvirates Ezhuthachan | Cherusseri | Kunchan Nambiar Cherusseri Namboothiri (c. 1375 to 1475 AD) is the author of Krishna Gatha, a poem which is used in India for daily recitation as an act of worship of Krishna during the Malayalam month Chingam (August - September) by devout Keralites. Cherussery was the writer of krishnagatha. Also known as king of poems Cherusseri, was the originator of the Gatha style of poetry in Malayalam. His masterpiece is Krishna Gatha. The poem is considered a landmark in the development of Malayalam literature, and the first Mahaakaavyam. It describes the story of Lord krishna based on the Bhagavatham, an early Puranic text. Cherusseri was inspired by a lullaby and he followed its pattern for the composition of Krishna Gadha. Some scholars believe that he also wrote cherusserite Cherusseri Bharatham. But now it is proved that it was not written by the grea . His famous krishna gatha has 1600 lines which are devotional . he used to write his poem in the ' vritham ' mangeri .He was the court poet in the palace of the King Udayavarman of Kolathiri Desam. Cherussery Namboothiiri is believed to have lived between 1375 and 1475 AD.

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