Chester Doles

Chester Doles, Jr. was the head of the Georgia State Unit of the National Alliance in the United States. While Doles was running the Lumpkin County Local Unit of the National Alliance, he held several anti-immigration rallies. Doles and Hammerskin members Derek Gooden, Tate Strahorn, Miles Downing, and Jason McGhee, planned several rock 'n' roll and heavy metal concerts where the featured musicians had an explicitly neo-Nazi or White nationalist orientation. Doles publicly claimed the September 11 attacks were America's punishment for doing business with Jews. He was arrested on one felony charge of firearms possession in 2003, to which he pled guilty. At his trial, Doles' defense team included former U.S. Representative Bob Barr. He was convicted on drug and weapons charges in 1988. He assaulted a black motorist in 1993 and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. As part of a plea agreement to testify against his accomplice and fellow Klansman Raymond Pierson, Doles pled guilty. Doles served four years of his original sentence. In 2002 Marc Moran, a Republican politician, donated $25,000 to Doles' legal defense.

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