Choi Ji-ryong

Choi Ji-Ryong(Hangul: 최지룡) is a Right-wing, Anti-communist South Korean webcomic artist. Choi as known as Anti-Communist, Right-Wing. because, He was observation communist claim "People" for their profit. and, has criticism Korean President, Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo Hyun. In 2007, Korean Right-Wing Media, Freezonenews, Interviwed with Choi. Choi Said "South Korean Security index is minus 200 point." and, He said about kang Full. "Whatever, he is just mainstream writer. so, I just crtical kang, no have any effect. Beside, Choi's works introduced in DC inside. but, his comics are always criticism by Korean Librealist. since 2008, Choi didn't appear in public.


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