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Christoph meiners

Christoph Meiners (31 July 1747–1 May 1810) was a German philosopher and historian, born in Hemmoor. He supported a polygenist theory of human origins. Chistoph Meiners was born in Warstade (now a part of Hemmoor) near Ottendorf. He started at a gymnasium in Bremen in 1763, and was a student at Göttingen from 1767 to 1770. In 1772 he became extraordinary professor, and in 1775 full professor, of Weltweisheit at the University of Göttingen. From 1788 to 1791 he co-edited the anti-Kantian journal Philosophische Bibliothek. He wrote on comparative history and cultural history. He is now known mostly for his critical attitude towards Immanuel Kant, Mary Wollstonecraft and the concept of Enlightenment. He died in Göttingen. Meiners was a polygenist: he believed that each race had a separate origin. He was a very early practitioner of scientific racism. Meiners studied the physical, mental and moral characteristics of each race, and built a race hierarchy based on the evidence that was considered common in scientific and anthropological circles at the time. Meiners split mankind into two divisions which he labeled the "beautiful White race" and the "ugly Black race".

Personal details

Date of birth
July 31st, 1747
Place of birth
Date of death
May 1st, 1810 at age of 62
Place of death

Written work

1.History of the female sex

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1808. at London


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