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Chunghye of Goryeo (1315–1344, r. 1330–1331, 1340–1344) was the 28th king of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea. He was remembered in the Goryeosa for his licentious lifestyle, particularly his habit of abducting, raping, and killing women. Chunghye was the son of King Chungsuk and Queen Myeongdeok, a Hong. He is sometimes known by his Mongolian name, which is rendered in hanja as Botapsilli. Chunghye travelled to Yuan Dynasty China in 1328. In 1330, then-king Chungsuk petitioned to abdicate the throne, and the emperor sent Chunghye back to Goryeo to assume the throne. But in the following year, Chungsuk returned to the throne and Chunghye returned to China. In 1339, Chungsuk died. One faction supported the noble Wang Go's claim to the throne, but their attempted coup failed and Chunghye's reign was restored. Chunghye's queen was Princess Deongnyeong, who gave birth to Chungmok.  ( Wikipedia article )


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