Col. John Thornton

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John Thornton (c. 1739-1782) was a colonel who played an important role in the Battle of King's Mountain. He made the gunnpowder used by the rebel troops. He may have fired the fatal shot that killed the British colonel. He was the son of Frances Thornton III and Frances Greagory. His wife, Jane Augusta Washington Thornton, was his second cousin (he being descended from Mildred Washington, sister of Augustine Washington I). She was the third daughter of Augustine Washington, Jr. and Anne/Ann Aylett. She was born after 1726; she died in the year 1833. One of their children, Nancy Augusta Thornton Rogers, met her future husband at Kings Mountain. She was carrying water to the rebel troops when she met him. They were soon married. When called a rebel she became annoyed, for she preferred "Patriot". Col. John Thornton and Jane Augusta Washington had one child: Nancy Augusta Thornton (1763-1848). She married Hugh Rogers (1741-1800)  ( Wikipedia article )


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