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Cole Younger Thomas Coleman "Cole" Younger (January 15, 1844 - March 21, 1916) was an American Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War and later an outlaw with the James-Younger gang. He was the eldest brother of Jim, John and Bob Younger. Thomas Coleman "Cole" Younger, born on 15 January 1844, was a son of Henry Washington Younger, a prosperous farmer from Greenwood, Missouri and Bersheba Leighton Fristoe, daughter of a prominent Jackson County farmer. Cole was the seventh of fourteen children. During the American Civil War, savage guerrilla warfare wracked Missouri. Younger fought as a guerrilla under William Clarke Quantrill. The fighting in Missouri during the Civil War was largely between pro-Union and pro-Confederate Missourians, though the bushwhackers held special hatred for the Union troops from Kansas who frequently crossed the border and earned a reputation for ruthlessness. Younger joined the Confederate guerrilla leader Quantrill in a raid on August 21, 1863, taking part in the killing of some 200 men and boys at Lawrence, Kansas, which the guerrillas looted and burned. Younger later claimed he left the bushwhacker ranks to enlist in the Confederate Army, and was sent  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Date of birth
Place of birth
Jackson County
United States of America
Bob Younger, Henry Washington Younger, Jim Younger, Bersheba Leighton Fristoe
Bob Younger Jim Younger
Jim Younger


Date of death
Place of death
Lee's Summit
Place of burial
Lee's Summit Historical Cemetery

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