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Colin Flaherty (born June 25, 1955) is a writer, talk show host and the owner of an on-line ad agency and public relations company. His by-line has appeared in dozens of languages around the world, and he has been a guest on numerous local and national TV and radio programs on the NPR, ABC, CBS, Fox and other networks. Most recently his by-line appeared in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. In June 2011, he won First Place in the Washington Post Spy Novel Writer's Contest. The contest was judged by Washington Post editor and best selling author David Ignatius, who said Flaherty's work was his "strong favorite," and it "advances the story and twists it in a new and interesting direction, very deftly." His winning entry was the subject of a radio show on WDEL. He is best known for doing a story for the San Diego Reader that secured the release of Kelvin Wiley after showing that he was unjustly convicted for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. He is the owner of Flaherty Communications, a public relations, marketing communications and online advertising company. He resides in Wilmington, Delaware. He is single with two grown children.

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Date of birth
June 25th, 1955
Place of birth
Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America

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