Constantin Langa-Răşcanu

Constantin Langa-Răşcanu was a Romanian diplomat. He was the head of the Romanian delegation at the Vienna meeting with the delegation of the Soviet Union headed by N. N. Krestinsky. The meeting had been convened after a preliminary discussion between Georgy Chicherin, People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs and Constantin Diamandy minister plenipotentiary of Romania. During that meeting, Georgy Chicherin had suggested that the Soviet Union recognize the unification of Bessarabia and Romania on condition that the Romanians give up the claims to the Romanian national treasure and the Romanian Crown Jewels which had been evacuated to Moscow during World War I and had not been returned. The Vienna meeting took place in March–April 1924. Another point of contention was the Romanian national treasure . The auspices were not favorable, as just days before the meeting, the Soviets had created the Moldavian Autonomous Oblast on March 7, 1924, apparently to reinforce their claims on Bessarabia. Constantin Langa-Răşcanu's stated that the Romanian government wanted to separate the issues of Bessarabia and of the national treasure.


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