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Cyprian Consiglio, OSB Cam., is a composer, a musician, and a monk of the Camaldolese branch of the Benedictines. He was born in 1958 Phillip Daniel Consiglio (Cyprian is his monastic name), and grew up near Joliet, Illinois. He spent many years living in Phoenix, Arizona where he worked as a professional musician, performer (guitarist and vocalist), arranger and producer. He began his recording career in his early twenties, and has since gone on to record numerous collections of original music in a wide variety of styles. Though much of his early work was in Catholic liturgical music much of his latest work incorporates styles and sacred texts from a wide variety of cultures and spiritual traditions. He earned a masters degree in theology from St. John Seminary in Camarillo, California, and has spent a considerable amount of time studying both Eastern and Western spirituality, particularly under the influence of Bede Griffiths.

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St. John's Seminary is a Roman Catholic seminary located in Camarillo, California. It is within the Santa Barbara Pastoral Region of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The seminarians prepare for assignments in dioceses as well as religious orders. St. John's offers the Master of Divinity degree as a first professional degree for seminarians. If interested in theological studies and research, eligible seminarians can also concurrently earn a Master of Arts. The seminary offers a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry for non-seminarians who are interested in lay ministry.

5012 Seminary Road, 93012 - Camarillo, California
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