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Dame Edith Mary Brown, OBE, LRCP, LRCS (Ed.), LRFPS (Glas.) (24 March 1864 – 6 December 1956) was the founder of the Christian Medical College Ludhiana, the first medical training facility for woman in Asia. Brown was born in Whitehaven in 1864. She graduated from Girton College, Cambridge, one of the first woman to be admitted to the Honours Degree Examination at the University of Cambridge in 1882. After graduating she studied medicine at Edinburgh and in Brussels, where she qualified as a doctor of medicine. Brown sailed from London on 17 October 1891 on the S.S. Oceana as a second class passenger. She was appointed to the medical mission at Ludhiana, Punjab, where she organized a Christian medical training center for Indian woman. The school was officially recognized by the government in 1915. On 1 January 1932, Edith Brown was gazetted as a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. She died 6 December 1956 in Srinagar, India, aged 92.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 24th, 1864
Place of birth
Whitehaven, Cumbria
United Kingdom
Date of death
December 6th, 1956 at age of 92
Place of death
Srinagar, India


1. Girton College, Cambridge Colleges/University

Girton College is one of the 31 constituent colleges of the University of Cambridge. It was England's first residential college for woman, established in 1869 by Emily Davies and Barbara Bodichon. The full college status was only received in 1948 and marked the official admittance of women to the university. In 1976, it was Cambridge's first women's college to become coeducational. As of 2010, the college's net assets were valued at £104.5 million, including £49 million of endowment, and in 2009-10 it admitted 674 full-time undergraduates and postgraduates. The college's formal governance is assured by a Mistress, currently Susan J. Smith.

2010. 49 mil. £
Institution colors
Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
2009. 551
2009. 123
Local tuition
2012. 9 K £
Official web page www.girton.cam.ac.uk
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b. 1864., Writer
b. 1868., Mathematician
b. 1863., Chivalric Order Member
b. 1863., Botanist
b. 1868., Astronomer
b. 1946., Historian
b. 1945., Economist
b. 1940., Monarch

Organizations founded

1. Christian Medical College, Ludhiana



Ludhiana, Punjab, India


Ludhiana, India

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The Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, India was the first medical school for women in Asia. It was founded by Dame Edith Mary Brown in 1894. The medical missionary work was started in Ludhiana in 1881 by the Greenfield sisters, Martha Rose and Kay. They were evangelists and educationalists from Scotland. The pioneering medical work of the Greenfield sisters was the precursor of the Medical Training and Health Care Service Programme of the present Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. The Greenfield sisters and their associates organized the Health Care Educational Services. Dr. Edith Mary Brown joined them in 1893. In 1894 the North Indian School of Medicine for Christian Women was started by Dr. Brown and her colleagues with the object of training Indian nationals, particularly the women, to serve in the field of medical education and health care services, emphasizing integration of training and health care services. The period from 1894 to 1952 has been an epoch-making era which saw the development from its beginning as a School of Medicine for Christian Women to Women's Christian Medical College.


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