Damian Gjiknuri

Damian Gjiknuri (born 25 May 1972) is an Albanian politician. He is a member of the Albanian parliament for the Socialist Party, chosen in the District of Elbasan. He is member of Commission of Legal Affairs at the Parliament. Gjiknuri was born in Tirana. His father is from Kudhës, Himarë, and his mother is from Gramsh, Elbasan. His father has been a professor and member of the parliament, as well as one of the leaders of environment movements and organizations in Albania. "Sami Frashëri" was his high-school, and he graduated with excellent merits. Gjiknuri completed his university at the Law Faculty in Tirana at 1994 and University of Leiden, The Netherlands. He has a MA for Public Policies in the United States, at Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey CA, mainly focusing in fields of war against terrorism and national security, as well as a LLM (Master of Laws in International Law) in London, in 1997. He has worked as director of foreign relations department at the Albanian Ministry of Interior at 1999-2001; and as General Secretary of the Ministry of Defense from 2001–2004, and on 2005 as Chief of Cabinet of Minister of Interior.

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May 25th, 1972
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