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Damiana L. Eugenio is a Filipino female author and professor who is known as the Mother of Philippine Folklore, a title she received in 1986. Apart from teaching at the University of the Philippines, she has several publications in the field of Philippine folklore, among them is a series of seven books which she compiled and edited. Eugenio was a BSE degree holder and a cum laude graduate from the University of the Philippines. She obtained her M.A. degree in English Literatufolklore. She is a professor at the Department of English and Comparative Literature for the College of Arts]] in [[Diliman]ies: Vol. III, The Legends, Philippine Folk Literature, University of the Philippines Press. ISBN 971-542-357-4</ref> Eugenio’s works were described as volumes that are thorough and professional in presentation and as being valuable resources for scholars studying the Philippines and comparative folklore. Written in the English-language, her Philippine Folk Literature: The Myths (1993) served as a compendium that promotes "national and international access to Filipino folklore," were gathered from written sources rather than collected oral variants, and was intended to foster interest in  ( Wikipedia article )


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University of the Philippines
Mount Holyoke College
University of California, Los Angeles

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