Dan Gunn Jr.

Dan Gunn Jr. was an American murder victim in Houston County, Georgia. On February 27, 1984 Gunn was shot in his own home. The crime is still unsolved to this day. This murder case is one of two cases in Houston County, Georgia that is still unsolved. Dan Gunn Jr. dropped out of school at the age of thirteen because his family was in need of help during the Great Depression. He worked on a farm between I-75 and Centerville, Georgia. When his father died, Dan Gunn Jr. took over Gunn Farms. He was said to have had “one of the largest and most successful peach groves in Middle Georgia” qtd in Renee Penn’s article. Some of which today, has been developed into neighborhoods in Centerville, Georgia. Mr. Gunn had two children: Edwina Gunn and Dan Gunn III. Dan Gunn is credited to being a great contributor to the growth of Houston County, Georgia. He was greatly respected and well known within the middle Georgia region. Dan Gunn Jr. was murdered in Houston County, Georgia on February 27, 1984, which was about 26 years ago. Dan Gunn’s farm was about 2,000 acres (8.1 km) in size. He grew peaches, pecans, soybeans, corn, and peanuts. He also raised cattle on the land.

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