Darrell Winfield

Darrell H. Winfield, was a rancher and model (best known as "The Marlboro Man" in television commercials and magazine advertisements for Marlboro cigarettes), was born in Oklahoma on July 30, 1929. His family relocated to California's San Joaquin Valley when he was 6 years old. This move was inspired by the "Okie migration" that was prominent in the 1930s where many mid-west farmers, devastated by the Great Depression, headed west to California to start over. He was the Marlboro man from 1968 until 1989. He is also credited with being the most portrayed man in the world by some. Philip Morris has used many cowboys for their ads but has declared that Winfield was "really the Marlboro man." As an adult, Winfield moved to Wyoming and began ranching. Executives from Leo Burnett Worldwide, an advertising agency, visited the ranch where Winfield was working in June 1968 to take photographs for a new Phillip Morris sales campaign. They liked Winfield's looks and asked him if he would be interested in working for Marlboro. The first Marlboro advertisement that Winfield appeared in was "The Sheriff".

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