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Dave Torbert (June 7, 1948 – December 7, 1982) was a Bay Area musician, best known for his associations with the Grateful Dead and the New Riders of the Purple Sage. He played bass for the latter group, replacing Phil Lesh during the sessions for their first album. He also played on "Box of Rain", a song from American Beauty, and on "Greatest Story Ever Told" from Bob Weir's solo album Ace. Additionally, he was a founding member, with Matthew Kelly, of the band Kingfish. Torbert died of a heart attack in 1982.

Personal details

Date of birth
June 7th, 1948
Date of death
December 7th, 1982 at age of 34

Musical acts

1.New Riders of the Purple Sage Rock music, Country rock, Bluegrass, Country

1970 - 1974

New Riders of the Purple Sage is an American country rock band. The group emerged from the psychedelic rock scene in San Francisco, California, in 1969, and its original lineup included several members of the Grateful Dead. Their best known song is "Panama Red." The band is sometimes referred to as the New Riders, or as NRPS.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Drums 1969 1970
Vocals, Guitar 1969 1982
Pedal steel guitar 1969 1971
Bass guitar 1969 1970
Vocals, Guitar 1969 1997
Drums 1970 1977
Bass guitar 1970 1974
Pedal steel guitar 1971 1978
Bass guitar 1974 1976
Bass guitar 1976 1978
Bass guitar 1980 1980
Drums 1982 1984
Bass guitar 2005
Johnny Markowski
Drums 2005
Vocals, Guitar 2005

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2.Kingfish Rock music

Kingfish is an American rock band led by Matthew Kelly, a musician, singer, and songwriter who plays guitar and harmonica. Kelly co-founded Kingfish in 1973 with New Riders of the Purple Sage bass player Dave Torbert and fellow San Francisco Bay Area musicians Robbie Hoddinott, Chris Herold, and Mick Ward. However, Ward died in a car accident later that year, and was soon replaced by Barry Flast, another keyboardist from San Francisco. In 1974, Kingfish became more well known, and signed their first record contract, after Grateful Dead member Bob Weir, a long-time friend of Kelly's, joined the band. Weir toured with Kingfish and was a band member on their first two albums, Kingfish and Live 'n' Kickin'. When the Dead started touring again in 1976, Weir left Kingfish, along with Hoddinott and Herold, who were then replaced by Barry Flast, Michael O'Neill and Dave Perper. The lineup of the band continued to change, with Kelly and Torbert remaining at the core. Then, in 1979 Torbert and Kelly parted ways and Torbert formed a new lineup with Danny "Rio" DeGennaro and Michael O'Neill on guitars and sharing lead vocals.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Danny DeGennaro
1979 December 28th, 2011


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