Dean Andrews Jr.

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Dean Adams Andrews Jr. (October 8, 1922 – April, 1981) was an attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the trial of Clay Shaw, he was questioned by Jim Garrison in regards to his Warren Commission testimony in which he had mentioned a man named "Clay Bertrand" having called him shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy to represent Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas. Andrews was portrayed by John Candy in the 1991 Oliver Stone film JFK. Andrews testified to the Warren Commission on July 21, 1964 that he received a call from "Clay Bertrand," the day after the assassination of Kennedy, asking him to fly to Dallas to represent the suspected assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. The FBI had reported two weeks after the assassination that Andrews, who had been hospitalized with pneumonia, said he was under heavy sedation and had concluded that the call had been a "figment of his imagination". On March 2, 1967, the New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison asserted that "Clay Bertrand" was actually New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw who had conspired with Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie to kill Kennedy. Shaw, who had been arrested and booked with conspiracy to commit murder, denied  ( Wikipedia article )


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Dean Andrews
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United States of America


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Tulane University Law School


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