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Kalasuri Dona Meraya Denawaka (commonly known as Denawaka Hamine) (20 February, 1906 - 09 December, 2002) was a Sri Lankan actress. "The grand old lady" was known for portraying elderly characters. Hamine was born February 20, 1906 in Imbulgoda, Gampaha. She was by profession a school teacher until a chance encounter with G. D. L. Perera when she accompanied a young actress to a theatrical audition, led to her winning the role of an elderly mother in Perera's play Kandulu. Due to her masterful performance in the role, Perera brought Hamine into his drama group Kala Pela; she would play in Kala Pela productions like Manamalayo, Sakkarawattang and Sama (as Nonnohamy) and was honored with a merit award at the 1964 Arts Council Drama Festival for her role in Totupola. Hamine's debut film role was in the film adaption of Sama (1965) by Perera reprising the role she had popularized in the play. In Sath Samudura (1968) she played the mother of two fishermen to much critical rave. She was presented a Best Character Actress Award for the role by a special government council. It was delivered on stage by the then Sri Lankan prime minister Dudley Senanayake. In the 1970s, Hamine had major  ( Wikipedia article )


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