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Denis Payton Denis Archibald West Payton (11 August 1943 - 17 December 2006) was an English saxophonist. He was a member of The Dave Clark Five, where he played both tenor and baritone saxophone. Payton was born in Walthamstow, London. As a child he learned to play guitar, saxophone and other wind instruments. As a teen-ager he played in a jazz band, while studying to become an electrician. Thanks to his band membership he made acquaintance with members of many other bands. Being a competent musician, he was often invited to join another band and he moved from one band to another. One of his acquaintances was Dave Clark, the leader of the group ‘Dave Clark Five with Stan Saxon’. When Saxon, who played saxophone and occasionally sang, departed in 1962, the group was renamed The Dave Clark Five. Together with Saxon the second saxophonist Jim Spencer left. Denis Payton became his successor. In its early years Dave Clark’s group mainly played instrumental music. Only Stan Saxon sang sometimes. After his departure pianist Mike Smith (who later exchanged his piano for an electronic organ) also provided the vocals. The group changed its repertoire from jazz and dance music to pop music. Since Payton’s  ( Wikipedia article )


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