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Diana Lambert (1929-1995) was an English actress best known for her role as Mrs. Peacock from Are You Being Served?. She took over the role from Diana King.

Personal details

Date of birth
Place of birth
London, United Kingdom
Date of death
1995 at age of 66

Movie performances

1. The Vicious Circle (1957)

Crime, Mystery, Thriller
played Latimer's Office Nurse
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The Vicious Circle is a 1957 British thriller film directed by Gerald Thomas and starring John Mills, Noelle Middleton, Wilfrid Hyde-White and Lionel Jeffries. A leading Harley Street specialist is forced to work with the police to nail a gang of international criminals, after being falsely accused of murder. It was based on My Friend Charles, a TV serial written by Francis Durbridge.


Top cast

Dr. Howard Latimer
Major Harrington
Detective Inspector Dane
Geoffrey Windsor
Dr. George Kimber
Kenneth Palmer
Joe - Golf Caddy
Frieda Veldon
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United Kingdom

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