Dilley sextuplets

The Dilley sextuplets (born May 25, 1993) are the United States' first set of sextuplets born to Becki and Keith Dilley in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. They are, in birth order; The siblings were the 1st surviving sextuplets to be born in the USA. All but one of the babies were able to go home after a little while; Julian suffered a congenital hernia, but eventually recovered following an operation. The parents of the sextuplets, Becki and Keith Dilley, met as co-workers at a Wendy's restaurant in Indiana. They married and attempted to conceive for a year without results. Following consultation with a doctor, they were told they had little chance of conceiving naturally. Following several more years of trying to conceive, they underwent fertility treatment using the drug Pergonal. The sextuplets were conceived as a result of this. Throughout the pregnancy, all ultrasounds showed five babies. After five had been delivered the doctor reached in to retrieve the placenta and grabbed a foot instead, and said, "There's a sixth baby." Everyone initially thought she was kidding, but she wasn't. The sixth was hiding behind the mother's spleen.

Personal details

Date of birth
May 25th, 1993
Place of birth
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America


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