Dominic Di-Natale Journalist

Dominic Di-Natale is an independent foreign and business correspondent. He is a contracted contributor to Fox News and provides reports for both Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. He first became prominent as a correspondent for BBC World, where he eventually became an anchor in London and New York. Di-Natale started out in Portugal as a features reporter for a local magazine publisher, Discover Publications, in 1988. He moved into news reporting a year later when the publisher launched a weekly news title Algarve Resident. At the time, Di-Natale became notorious for his sensational, if-it-bleeds-it-leads approach to newsgathering. Many of the stories were about crime - drug lords, violence and murder. This often caused considerable consternation of the paper's expatriate readership, most of whom had escaped Northern Europe to sleepy southern Portugal to avoid such social upheavals. Simultaneously, he entered into local radio as a newscaster, where he had some success. Di-Natale moved to the United Kingdom in 1995 and the bigger newsbeat changed the tone of his reporting.

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