Don Rehfeldt

Basketball Player from United States of America

Don Rehfeldt (January 7, 1927–October 16, 1980) was a graduate of Amundsen High School in Chicago, Illinois and went on to become a two time Big Ten (then Western Conference) leading scorer in 1949 and 1950 and the Big Ten MVP in 1950 at Wisconsin. He was also a First Team All-American in 1950. Don is a charter member of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Athletic Hall of Fame, elected in 1991. He was most noted for his hook shot. Upon graduation in 1950, Rehfeldt was the Badger all time leading scorer and held 14 other individual records. He held the Badger record as its last All-American for 56 years until Alando Tucker was named a First Team All-American in 2007. Rehfeldt was the second overall pick in the 1950 NBA Draft by the Baltimore Bullets. After graduation he also played in the "World Series of Basketball" which was a nationwide tour that pitted the College All-Americans against the Harlem Globetrotters. Don was the leading scorer on that tour with other notable including top 50 all time NBA players Paul Arizin and Bob Cousy. Don was also an avid bridge player and achieved the rank of Life Master along with his wife, Joyce. He also served almost 16 years on the Board of  ( Wikipedia article )


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United States of America

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Wisconsin Rapids

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