Don Vogel

Don Vogel (1945-1995) was a radio talk show host in Chicago, Milwaukee and the Twin Cities. Born in Chicago, and blind from the age of six months, Vogel went into radio after a brief stint in college. He worked as a sports reporter, disc jockey and talk show host at various Chicago-area radio stations, culminating at WIND radio in Chicago. He often claimed that he was fired from WIND after an April Fools joke he perpetrated about late night host "Chicago Ed" Schwartz negotiating with WGN to leave WIND turned out (to Vogel's chagrin) to actually be true. Don subsequently took at job at KSTP-AM radio in the Twin Cities in December of 1984. The "Don Vogel Show" - a comedy show in an era when talk radio was largely staid interview programs - was a ratings success. The show featured newsman John MacDougall, sports reporters Mark Boyle and Bruce Gordon, and producers/sidekicks Dave Elvin and Mitch Berg (a host of the Northern Alliance Radio Network at AM1280 in the Twin Cities since 2004). Don left KSTP to go to WMAQ radio in Chicago in January of 1987.

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