Doron Braunshtein

Doron Braunshtein (In Hebrew: דורון בראונשטיין; born may 2nd, 1976) is an Israeli-American poet, author, painter and a singer which is widely known for his work in the Avant-garde fashion design field as Apollo Braun. His fashion designs were featured in numerous fashion magazines such as ID, America, InStyle, Lucky and many more. Apollo's retail store was a must go-to the Lower East Side shopping destination on Orchard Street from 2003-2009. website on March 21, 2008 article Apollo's line was described as a punk rock style. His propaganda designs were published in many magazines and newspapers in the New York City metro as well as in many global on-line sites. Braunshtein was chosen by the New York Press newspaper as one of the most naughty and hated people of New York in the same list as Bernard Madoff and Eliot Spitzer in their 2008's list of who's been naughty and who's been nice. He has become well known for his T-shirt's designs which mock Barack Obama. Doron is an author and performer of 2006's "Party in my pants" song that was used in the movie "Religulous" by Bill Maher and Larry Charles.

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